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Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement (Paperback)

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In today's "post-feminist" society, women and men are considered equal. For younger women and men, feminism is often portrayed as unfashionable and irrelevant. But since the beginning of the new millennium a new generation have emerged to challenge these assumptions and assert a vibrant new agenda. This groundbreaking book reveals the what, why and how of the new feminist movement and what it has to say about women's lives in today's society. From cosmetic surgery to celebrity culture and girl power to globalization, from rape to religion and sex to singleness, this book reveals the seven vital issues at stake for today's feminists, unveils the beginnings of a fresh and diverse wave of feminism, and calls a new generation back to action.

About the Author

Catherine Redfern is founder of The F Word website, the UK's premier showcase of feminist opinion and commentary. Named by the Guardian as one of 50 "Women to Watch" in 2003, she co-founded London Third Wave, a networking group for London based young feminists. She has been a speaker at Ladyfest Manchester and Brighton, The Compass Conferenc, and The Fabian Society Conference. Redfern also writes for the Guardian. Kristin Aune is currently a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Derby. She is co-founder of London Third Wave and has been on the executive committees of the Feminist and Women's Studies Association, the Feminist Library and the Christian feminist group "Men, Women and God." She is a regular on BBC Radio 4 and BBC local radio. She has written amongst others for the Guardian, the Church Times, Third Way magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald. Her other books include Single Women: Challenge to the Church? (Paternoster Press, 2002) and Women and Religion in the West: Challenging Secularization (Ashgate Publishing 2008).

Praise for Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement…

"Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune do not impose their own personalities, preferring to present a multiplicity of voices. Even the book's layout reflects this: many pages display a boxed quote or have a series of quotes in the margin, reproducing without comment the views of feminists who took part in the survey. Partly the authors' self-effacement signals their commitment to collectivism: they are not just speaking for themselves, but trying to represent the views and concerns of a wider feminist community." --  "Anyone wanting to know what it means to be a feminist: read this book. You are sure to be inspired by how necessary feminism remains both for changing societies and liberating ourselves." —Amy Richards, Soapbox Inc.  

Product Details ISBN-10: 1848133952
ISBN-13: 9781848133952
Published: Zed Books, 06/15/2010
Pages: 244
Language: English